11th IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics & Bioengineering (BIBE2011)














October 24 (Monday)  |  October 25 (Tuesday)  |  October 26 (Wednesday)  |  Poster Session


Poster shall be printed in A1 size, i.e. 59.4 cm by 84.1cm. Tape or pins will be provided. Please follow the assigned poster ID to mount your poster before 1:00pm of October 24. Any poster remaining on the wall after 5:00pm of October 25 will be disposed without further notice.



Identifying Hub Proteins and Their Essentiality from Protein-Protein Interaction Network

Sakhinah Abu Bakar, Javid Taheri, Albert Y. Zomaya


A Comparison Study of Virus Classification by Genome Sequences

Jing-Doo Wang


Constructing Suffix Tree of Endogenous Feature on FPGA for High-Performance Identification of DNA Signatures

Lin Feng, Angela Jean, Chong Poh Leng, Lai Danbo


Interval Trees for Detection of Overlapping Genetic Entities

Fahim Mohammad, Robert M. Flight, Benjamin J. Harrison, Jeffrey C. Petruska, Eric C. Rouchka


Design of Synthetic Genetic Oscillators Based on RSGA

Yen-Chang Chang, Chun-Liang Lin


Classification and Screening of Recognition Protein Complexes with Genetic Programming

Huang-Cheng Kuo, Jia-Hao Li


Analysis of SNP Interaction Combinations to Determine Breast Cancer Risk with PSO

Li-Yeh Chuang, Ming-Cheng Lin, Hsueh-Wei Chang, Cheng-Hong Yang


Computational Tools for SNP Interactions - How Good Are They?

Flávia Roberta Barbosa de Araújo, Katia Silva Guimarães


GERC: Tree Based Clustering for Gene Expression Data

H.A. Ahmed, P. Mahanta, D.K. Bhattacharyya, Jugal K. Kalita


The Development of the Dry Clearing and Surface Treatment All-in-One Equipment Used for Biochip

Chi-Sang Lau, Fun-Jou Chen


Effects of Poly-L-Ornithine and Fibronectin Coatings for Human Melanocyte Cell Illuminating Experiments

Chung-Jen Ou, I-Shen Ching, Chung-Ming Ou


Design of Chinese Spelling System Based on ERP

Koun-Tem Sun, Tzu-Wei Huang, Min-Chi Chen


Analysis of Brainwave Characteristic Frequency Bands for Learning

Fu-Chien Kao, Han-Chien Hsieh, Wei-Te Li


Principal Component Analysis Method for Detection and Classification of ECG Beat

Yun-Chi Yeh, Tung-Chien Chiang, Hong-Jhih Lin


Segmentation of the Pectoral Muscle Boundary in Breast MR Images

Myungeun Lee, Yanjuan Chen, Soohyung Kim, Jonghyo Kim


Towards Continuous Electrocardiogram Monitoring Based on Rules and Ontologies

Tanatorn Tanantong, Ekawit Nantajeewarawat, Surapa Thiemjarus


Predication the Suppressing Human Oral Cancer Cell Line by Curcumin through the Research of Fas Receptor

Po-Yuan Chen, Yu-Chi Wu, Tzu-Hurng Cheng, Tzu-Ching Shih, Cing-Tsan Tsai, Chieh-Hsi Wu, Tzu-Yu Hua, Yen-Yu Huang, Chia-Hsing Cheng, Ming-Jen Fan