11th IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics & Bioengineering (BIBE2011)














October 24 (Monday)  |  October 25 (Tuesday)  |  October 26 (Wednesday)  |  Poster Session


08:00-09:00   Registration

09:00-10:20   Parallel Session

Session C1: Drug Design and Agriculture Biotechnology (Splendor Room II)

Session Chair: David Hecht, Southwestern Community College, USA

Molecular Modeling Studies of AmpR Mediated AmpC beta-Lactamase Repression

David Hecht, Charles C.N. Wang, Rouh-Mei Hu, Jeffrey J.P. Tsai

Exploration of Chemical Space by Molecular Morphing

David Hoksza, Daniel Svozil

The Application of Molecular Markers to Identify Edible Fungi - A Case Sudy of Tremella fuciformis

Jing-Gung Chung, Jeffrey J.P. Tsai, Chien-Yih Lin, Yang-Chia Shih, Jin-Shih Chen, Ming-Jen Fan

TTRSIS: A Cloud Computing Platform for Rice Functional Genomics Research through a Reverse Genetics Approach

Ming-Jen Fan, Su-May Yu, Tzu-Chieh Hung, Wei-Quan Chen, Yue-Ie Hsing, Hsin-Li Lin, Chia-Cheng Liu, Jing-Gung Chung, Jeffrey J.P. Tsai

Session C2: Biological Modeling and Agriculture Biotechnology (Fong Lo Room III)

Session Chair: Rouh-Mei Hu, Asia University, Taiwan

Simulation of Bacterial Chemotaxis by the Random Run and Tumble Model

Charles C.N. Wang, Ka-Lok Ng, Yu-Ching Chen, Phillip C.Y. Sheu, Jeffrey J.P. Tsai

Immune Response and Memory: Perspectives on Stability of Cyclic Idiotypic Network

Chung-Ming Ou, C.R. Ou

Correlating Simulation and Experimental Data of Traction and Cell Speed as Functions of Substrate and Cell Stiffness

Henry C. Wong, William C. Tang

10:20-10:30   Coffee break

10:30-11:30   Paper Presentation (Splendor Room II)

Session C3: DNA Computing

Session Chair: David Haughton, University College Dublin, Ireland

Photoelectric DNA-Detection Platform with Assembled Magnetic Beads

Fei Li, Jin Xu

Repetition Coding as an Effective Error Correction Code for Information Encoded in DNA

David Haughton, Felix Balado

Realization of Reversible Logic in DNA Computing

Ankur Sarker, Tanvir Ahmed, S. M. Mahbubur Rashid, Shahed Anwar, Hafiz Md. Hasan Babu